As its name suggests, HAnalytics is a company dedicated to providing better ways to manage Health Analytics. Based in western Canada, this health startup is designing a healthcare toolset designed to empower patients and practitioners alike.

Often during a trying and emotional event such as a serious illness, healthcare data can become scattered, overwhelming and difficult to communicate for the patient. With the pending launch of its application, HAnalytics provides a vital tool for patients and their loved ones to manage these complexities with ease.


Dealing with a serious illness can be an incredibly stressful and emotional journey. Our new application is designed to help you navigate this journey with practical, easy-to-use health care management tools.

  • Enhanced peace of mind to both patients and their caregivers

  • Greater control over a patient’s decision making and health outcome

  • A comprehensive, scalable snapshot of health data from multiple sources

  • User-friendly tools that can be accessed by patient and caregivers

  • Lower healthcare cost through patient-driven healthcare organization

  • Central management of prescriptions, supplements, alternative care, etc.

  • Greater patient engagement and increased therapeutic compliance

  • Correlate symptoms and wellness with overlapping treatments

Limited Beta Trial Now Underway

HAnalytics is seeking a small group of individuals to take part in a limited beta trial.

If you're presently faced with a lengthy or complex treatment regimen for cancer, we invite you to be one of the first to use this exceptional new healthcare management app. Click Here to get started.

Shaneel’s Story:
Caregiver and wife’s diagnosis of lung cancer

Based on his own experience caring for his wife during her journey as a cancer patient, Shaneel understood some of the significant challenges patients face during treatment. Specifically, patients & caregivers have limited tools to manage their care and empower themselves to make informed decisions.

HAnalytics aims to improve well‐being and healthcare outcomes of cancer patients through patient engagement, empowering patient advocacy, and better coordination and communication of health data with all healthcare practitioners involved in a patient’s health.


At HAnalytics, our foremost mission is to serve the need of patients managing an illness.  However, there are other stakeholders who benefit from our work.


Manage complex treatments, notes, symptoms and other data with ease. Patients can track conventional and complementary care and perform integrated analysis across treatment disciplines, side effects and experience. Be empowered to influence your own treatment. Spend less time managing your care and more time enjoying life.


Patients provide comprehensive health information from the very start in a concise, standardized format. Focus less effort on routine questions and more on meaningful patient dialogue.


Easily co-manage your loved one's care in tandem with other family members. Stay current with smart, intuitive, communications tools. Be an engaged, informed and effective caregiver.


Our core philosophy is driven by the belief that knowledge is power. The application's features work together to give you end-to-end insight, understanding and control of your own healthcare management plan.

Journal Management

An easy-to-use journal module helps you chronicle your healthcare journey wherever and whenever you choose. Write questions for health practitioners that can be compiled into a report.

Log symptoms, metrics, lab results and side effects. Attach forms, photos, consult notes and more. Keep control of your health care information.

Treatment Management

Condense all your medications into a single, manageable list you can view at a glance and share with multiple healthcare practitioners. Easily record your dosage, timing and treatment information in real time.

Maintain control over your treatment plan. Easily look up drugs using a current database of approved drugs from Health Canada.

Complementary Medicine

If you choose to augment your healthcare plan with complementary treatments, you can record any modality and cross correlate with all your treatment plans.

Provide clear, transparent information exchange between conventional and alternative practitioners. Access a database of approved natural products from Health Canada.

Data Correlation

A key differentiator between us and other personal health apps, the data correlation module gives you the power to explore and analyze your own data.

Create interactive graphs for trending and correlating events. Visualize any event, symptom or metric you want to capture. Share empirical data with your healthcare provider.

Report Generation

Easily move from exploring your data to telling your story. Aggregate your content, photos, graphs and data into concise custom reports for you and your practitioners to review.

Improve the accuracy and overall quality of your discussion while minimizing needless wasted time, energy and duplicated effort.


Shaneel Pathak

P.Eng, PMP

Shaneel is an accomplished Project Management Consultant with 15 years experience and has a B.A.Sc in Computer Engineering and a M.A in Global Political Economy.

He started his own company in 2005 focusing on Management Consulting and worked in Healthcare, Telecom, Energy and Oil&Gas sectors with international and Canadian clients.

In Healthcare, he worked on multiple projects to improve quality care and workflow for medical staff at VCHA.

Cory Kapser

Cory is a senior software developer and technical lead with a strong history of delivering solutions in time sensitive and resource limited environments, including startups.

He has a B.Sc in Computing Science from the University of Alberta and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

He has spent the last ten years primarily in the Oil and Gas sector working directly on mission critical applications.


If you're presently faced with a lengthy or complex treatment regimen, we invite you to be one of the first to use this exceptional new healthcare management app.

HAnalytics is a Canadian company dedicated to developing practical, progressive tools that help patients navigate their own health care management journey.