1. Why was HAnalytics Solutions founded?

HAnalytics Solutions was founded in 2015, two years after the co-founder’s wife was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. The news was a shock to the family, especially living a healthy lifestyle and a non-smoker. Shaneel is the primary caregiver and found existing tools were inadequate to manage the care and empower patients to make informed decisions. Motivated by his wife’s journey, Shaneel and his long time friend Cory came up with the idea of an application to empower patient advocacy, engagement and improve the coordination and communication of health data.

2. What jurisdiction is my data stored?

Data is stored in the province of Alberta, Canada.

3. Can I use the application if I am not a resident of Canada?

Yes. The application is available to adults over the age of 18. The laws of Alberta, Canada govern the application. US users should be aware that the tool uses International System of Units (SI), not US standard units of measurements.

Account and Access

1. Can I delete my account and data?

Yes. By unregistering, your personal data will be deleted after 30 days. We maintain a grace period in case you want to reactivate your account. Your health data will also be deleted after 30 days unless you opt-it to continue to share it with the community. Health information is invaluable for research and to share with other patients. Your personal information will never be released.

2. Do you sell my data?

Our mission is to increase the data available for research in conventional and complementary treatments for cancer and chronic disease. To make our mission viable, we sell aggregate health information without personal identifiable information.

3. Can I give access to my caregiver or healthcare provider?

For security reasons we ask you not to provide your credentials to other people. A future release will have the ability to create caregiver accounts.

4. Can the application be used for other chronic disease?

Yes. The application is flexible and can be used for other chronic diseases and even for individuals that wish to track their own personal metrics and health daily through journaling and treatment tracking.

5. What are the user license agreement and the privacy policy?

See User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

6. What is the cost?

The trial version offers you the full functionality and free for 90 days. The annual subscription is $25 per year.

7. Do I need to have Internet access?

At this time, Internet access is required for the application.

8. Can I access the website on a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. The application is device agnostic however limited features are available on a mobile device. A computer is required to use the analytics functions.

Data and Security

1. Is my privacy protected?

HAnalytics Solutions complies with Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). PIPA applies in place of Canadian Federal government’s privacy act (PIPEDA) for Alberta businesses.

We collect the following types of information:
a) “personal information”, that is information that we need in order for you to access the Site, such as information relating to your identity, your contact details, and your payment information;
b) “health information”, that is information that is inputted into the Site relating to the care, diagnosis, and treatment of your health.

We will not sell your personal information to third parties. Your health information will not be shared with any third party without your prior consent. However, we encourage you to opt-in to sharing your health information. Sharing information offers others the opportunity to learn from your experience and allows HAnalytics Solutions to provide valuable data for research. Further information can be found in the privacy policy or contact the Privacy Officer.

2. How secure is your software?

The application is designed with security first. The communication between the web browser and the application is secured with https, a widely used encryption protocol. Access to the physical server and application is restricted and managed by the CTO. If you believe your account is compromised contact HAnalytics Solutions immediately.

3. What health data can I track?

We intentionally made the application flexible to track any health metric you feel meaningful. You can add as many customized metrics as you like. In the future you will be able to add units of measure for metric tracking but in the meantime if a unit of measure you need is missing feel free to contact us a and we can add the units you need.

HAnalytics is a Canadian company dedicated to developing practical, progressive tools that help patients navigate their own health care management journey.